Augment your credit risk evaluation with powerful technology.

Don't rely just on your manual processes to evaluate credit risk. With the help of multiple data sources correlated with your historical portfolio performance data, SecondScore would create a custom AI model suitable for your business and you can gradually move from paper processes to a more efficient technology driven one.

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Our approach

SecondScore aggregates data securely from multiple sources, combines it with operational datasets from customers and creates a customized credit decision engine that helps banks, distributors in FMCG, telecoms and consumer lenders improve credit quality and acceptance rates.

Custom models

Based on the information you provide, we analyse your customers' behaviour and historical patterns, then combine that with data from other sources to create a unique credit risk model for your business exposed as a simple API. Entire implementation and training takes less than a month.

Pretrained models

Because we are implementing with multiple customers and partners over time, some of the partners offer their models for external use to cut your time to market. For a small fee per use.

Anonimysed data queries (coming soon)

If you'd rather just have some data per customer, this approach works better. Make a single request for data and we’d send a consent OTP to the user. You’d send us this OTP, if validated we return a data tree to you.

Featured use cases
  • Supplier credit
  • Small value, short term loans
  • Tenured loans
  • SME lending
  • Asset financing
Benefits to your business
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Streamline your application process
  • Reduce subjectivity in business lending
  • Target the right businesses, reduce dropouts
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Privacy and confidentiality

Your data remains confidential and secure.

All system design, development, implementation, testing, and deployment processes ensure that confidential information is always protected.

We adhere to regulatory and legislative compliance requirements, enforcing our commitment to the highest standards.

Confidential information is protected from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure during input, processing, output, retention, and disposition.

We address human factors in information security with awareness and policy compliance training provided to all staff.